The Opposite House, Beijing, has unveiled new bar-restaurant outlet Superfly.

Set within Beijing’s lively Sanlitun district, the outlet places a creative spin on Sichuan’s renowned ‘fly restaurants’ – casual eateries famously known for their delicious Sichuan cuisine and as go-to hangout spots for locals.

Superfly will serve comfort food, Asian craft cocktails and draft beer from award-winning local brewery Great Leap.

“The restaurant was designed as a fun, casual, neo-pop Chinese bistro that channels the energy and eclecticism of China’s youth culture,” says William Harris, Founding Partner of AvroKO – the studio that oversaw the project’s design.

The space is animated with terrazzo tables and colourful pattered ceramic tiles in greens, blues and whites – cues taken from neighbourhood staple Cha Chain Tengs.

Vintage wallpaper patterns behind the bar are contrasted with pops of neon and an array of eclectic lighting, whilst symbols of Chinese creativity and artistic exploration, such as graphic novels, Kung Fu comics and pop-culture posters, are present throughout.

Adding further character, a signature multi-screened video art installation presents a hybridised collection of early martial arts videos and quirky, old-school children’s cartoons.

The kitchen team is led by Michelin-starred Chef Li Dong from Jing Yaa Tang, who takes his commitment to flavour and quality and transforms it for a casual experience using Sichuan ingredients.

Highlighted dishes include Tian Shui Noodles, made with homemade noodles and various spices, peppercorns, sugar and crushed peanuts; and G.L.B. Super Dumplings, which are inspired by Great Leap Brewing’s famous double cheeseburger.

Superfly’s cocktail list, curated by Proof & Company, offers a playful experience that celebrates the unique tastes of Chinese food and culture.

Arctic Rickey is a beverage that takes inspiration from Arctic Ocean Soda, which was China’s first popular homegrown fizzy drink; whilst S.L.S. G&T provides a twist on Salty Lime Seven – a traditional southern Chinese drink made from salty lime mixed with 7up.