The Berkeley Hotel’s Blue Bar has unveiled the BB20, a cocktail to commemorate its 20th anniversary.

A decade ago The Berkeley Blue Bar – known as an early haunt of entertainment royalty – established a tradition of anniversary cocktails with the BB10, a whiskey cocktail with caramel notes created to celebrate the Blue Bar’s 10 year anniversary. 

The bar has continued the tradition with the BB20, a fruity and floral concoction featuring vodka, jasmine, peach and lime. To mark the occasion, the anniversary cocktail is bottled in limited edition batches to purchase directly from the hotel. 

In the Blue Bar, the BB20 is served straight, on the rocks, with soda or – in true celebratory style – topped with champagne. Every guest who visits the Blue Bar during the birthday month will be welcomed with a taster of the anniversary drink.

In its twentieth year, the bar faced new challenges along with the rest of the hospitality industry. Lockdown saw the bar close in March for the first time, so the team set about bottling their signature cocktails by cycling to houses and mixing drinks on doorsteps.

Created by the late designer David Collins, the Blue Bar at The Berkeley first opened its doors in October 2000. The bar is named after its standout ‘Lutyens Blue’ walls, the paint for which was specially created from 50 different shades and named after British architect Edwin Lutyens who designed the original wood carvings that are still present in the room today. 

“It’s been an honour and a privilege to be at the helm of the Blue Bar for this landmark in its history,” comments Manager Raffaele di Monaco. “It is our goal to continue to lead the way.”