Zoku, the Amsterdam-based pioneer of the home/office hybrid, has announced the launch of event series ‘Better Together’. The first iteration, Zoku x Rijks on May 29, will see Zoku transform 25 of its lofts into private restaurants, where couples can enjoy a dinner prepared by chef Joris Bijdendijk and his team from Rijks – the culinary hotspot in the Dutch capital’s Rijksmuseum, which was awarded a Michelin star in 2016.

For less than 200 euros per person all-in, couples will be able to enjoy an intimate four-course dinner with a selection of wines handpicked by Max van Bockel, Head Sommelier at Rijks. During dinner, chef Bijdendijk will Zoom in for a personal touch. Guests can end the evening on the private rooftop terrace for a nightcap. Included is an overnight stay in the Zoku Loft, a spacious micro-apartment equally suited for living and working with the ability to screen off the sleeping area.

“Our Better Together-proposition is really showing its value in these trying times,” says Hans Meyer, co-founder of Zoku. “We are community driven, so not only have we initiated a variety of projects for the community, we also kept looking for local partners to collaborate with to add value to their business, the city and our guests. What better way to kick off this series than with one of Amsterdam’s best chefs?”

Bijdendijk, Executive Chef at Rijks, adds: “This crisis has brought us a lot of creativity and energy. It is fantastic to see what has emerged in these times and that our guests still want to reward themselves with good food, drinks and getaways in their own country. We are very happy to give a Zoku x Rijks experience this way.”

Three lofts will also be made available at no cost for ‘LieveAmsterdammers’ – a project that aims to honour local heroes that have made a positive contribution to the city.