Modbar – the original undercounter modular brewing system – is committed to offering a stylish alternative to countertop coffee equipment, removing barriers and creating a stronger bond between barista and customer.

Coffee consumers are now demanding seamless, customer-oriented cafe experiences that feel effortless and deliver on quality. At the same time, designers and architects are pushing the boundaries of what a cafe can be.

Modbar seeks to provide visionaries with the tools they need to create unique and exceptional spaces and experiences, while challenging the status quo. Cafe designers, entrepreneurs, architects, and hospitality experts look to Modbar for a premium product that will help them create an iconic space for their customers.

Describing its visual brand as “precise, dynamic, elegant, integrated, clean and refined”, Modbar’s streamlined machines make a strong design statement among minimalist spaces. Opening up the bar enables baristas to focus on customers and the quality of their product. 

The equipment range comprises two espresso machines, a steam station and a pour-over station. As Modbar is a modular system, each piece of equipment can stand alone or work alongside each other. 

The Espresso AV model is billed as the most consistent and stable under-counter espresso equipment available on the market. One module has the ability to support two espresso taps with no additional power making it ideal for high-volume environments. The espresso machine also features auto back-flush and rinse programs, the option to dose by volume, weight or continuously and integrated scales for volumetric accuracy.

In addition to having a sleek and modern design, the Espresso AV machine features a multi-function brew lever, heated grouphead and shot timer, as well as pressure profiling, volumetric dosing and brew temperature control. 

Modbar Steam delivers a minimal, modern aesthetic coupled with power and control. Two steam stations can be used with the Modbar Espresso to recreate a traditional espresso machine, or alternatively they can work alone to create dedicated steam stations. 

The Pour-over station enables businesses to expand both their menu and margins with automated by-the-cup offerings. Baristas can either brew by hand using one of the two included spray tips or teach the machine up to 25 different recipes accessible at the touch of a button.

Modbar aims to live up to the promise of both aesthetics and function by being a beautiful centrepiece for the cafe, while demonstrating performance and reliability below.