The Prosecco DOC is a young DOC, born ten years ago from the union of winegrowers, winemakers and bottlers, spanning nine provinces in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Showcasing apple, peach, pear and white flowers flavours, as well a hint of citrus fruit, the sparkling beverage makes for a delicious drinking experience. Prosecco represents an evocative territory that has specific rules, gathered in the production disciplinary, which determine all the steps of the supply chain; from the definition of the production area to the final labelling.

The young DOC aims to verify compliance with these rules, thanks to the intervention of a third-party that certifies the product as Prosecco. Behind this, there is a history of origins that can be traced back to a small town near Trieste. The first documents mentioning Prosecco date back to the end of the 600s and describe a delicate white wine that originates from the Carso Triestino, in particular in the Prosecco region.

Various discussions have been held on the environmental impacts of Prosecco productions, however the Consortium has made efforts to ease environmental, economic and social impacts, and since September 2018, a collaboration was initiated with various professional figures that aimed at supporting the activities of winemakers for the best vineyard practices, in order to not only obtain a good yield, but also to obtain the best organoleptic characteristics for fine sparkling wines.

For the future, the consortium does not intend to slow down, but instead to pursue its goals to sustainably consolidate its quality, protect the Prosecco name from fakes and promote the Italian sparkling in new markets of interest.