French tableware brand Degrenne has launched Reconnect, a platform providing support to hotels, restaurants and cafes in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Recognising the impact of the crisis on the tableware industry and the hospitality sector at large, Degrenne has sought to offer assistance to hospitality venues by issuing refund vouchers on any purchase of Degrenne products as part of the scheme and the promotion of the company’s partner establishments to its customer base. 

Founded by Guy Degrenne in 1948, the French manufacturing company prides itself on its commitment to the spirit of innovation, which is strongly rooted in its heritage. Named an ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ (living heritage company) due to its high-level of expertise across its Vire and Limoges factories, the company prioritises local production to ensure the jobs of craftsmen who are passionate about their work.

Beyond the hospitality assistance platform, Degrenne has also been reconsidering its sourcing strategies and has begun to steadily transition to a more local and diverse approach, a decision that has been affirmed by the rise in demand for the brand’s products manufactured in France and Europe.

Through its own research and development the company has found that purchasing tableware during and post-Covid19 appears to be more focused on sourcing premium and high-quality products, as consumers pay greater attention to the brands they purchase from and the quality, origin and innovation of the products they buy.

As the pandemic continues to impact and shape the hospitality industry, Degrenne is working to ensure it provides its customers with the best tableware solutions possible, marrying functionality with elegance so that they can cater to evolving customer requirements. For example, its Cocottes collection, which compromises Cassolette bowls and draws inspiration from the fine-dining setting and the L’Econome by Starck dishware range and plate covers, are all part of the brand’s food safety range.

In the era of Coronavirus, those sourcing premium tableware will be confident in brands like Degrenne, who are delivering high quality products without compromising on health and safety, all while supporting the sector with initiatives such as the Reconnect platform that will help the hospitality industry recover and in time, get back around the table. 

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