Maldon Salt reveals new look

Heralding the start of a new era, Maldon Salt has revealed a striking new packaging design across its entire range.

The new-look sea salt box respects the brands heritage whilst embracing the future, with a look and feel that will inspire new audiences and retain pride of place in kitchens around the globe.

The contemporary new pattern design features different shades of green in a geometric style and nods to the brand’s previous packaging designs.

The rebrand is accompanied by a campaign to get chefs, cooks and food lovers to ‘Seize the Seasoning’ and each pack features a QR code linking up to the new and improved Maldon Salt website, where consumers can discover recipes and expand their seasoning knowledge.

For four generations Maldon Salt has been hand-harvesting its famous pyramid-shaped flakes, using the same simple, time-honoured techniques.

A family run business, based in the coastal town of Maldon, the Osborne family are custodians of an ancient culinary tradition and creators of a globally recognised brand, used by chefs the world over.

Maldon Salt flakes release their saltiness with sweet precision, a fresh intensity and clean taste and are a a highly versatile ingredient that can be used at any point in the cooking process.