Nude introduces Ghost Zero collection

Istanbul-based Global design brand Nude has launched the Ghost Zero stemware collection, comprising two unique designs: Tulip and Belly.

The new wine glass collection harnesses the expertise derived from its signature Stem Zero offering, applying the Ion Shielding Technology to its thinnest glass to date. The result is tough, yet fine, lead-free crystal glass that seeks to satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseur. Its delicate design brings a weightlessness to the vessel, allowing one to fully savour the aroma and taste of the wine.

Defined by its statuesque silhouette, Ghost Zero Tulip is shaped to intensify aromas and notes through its curvaceous bowl and narrow rim. Its tapered form directs wine towards the tip of the tongue, balancing out the grapes natural acidity and enhancing the sensory experience. It is available in red, white, champagne and tumbler styles to offer a holistic drinking experience.

Ghost Zero Belly challenges conventions with its gently bulbous body and tapered rim resting atop a tall, slender stem. Its voluptuous design aerates the contents of the glass, amplifying the wine’s natural flavour. Carefully hand-crafted by skilled artisans, the design achieves a deceptively simple yet sophisticated style, available in red, white and tumbler designs.

Ion Shielding Technology is a surface modification technology based on an ion-exchange process. Larger ions replace smaller ions in the glass surface, suppressing the micro-fissures that cause glass to crack.