Franke Coffee Systems

Spotlight: Franke Coffee Systems

Global coffee company Franke Group benefits from more than a century of experience in the drinks industry, and the outfit founded by Hermann Franke in 1911 is now a major international player known for its long history of Swiss craftsmanship and precision engineering. Its Franke Coffee Systems division is a leading provider of fully automatic coffee machines for professional coffee making needs, with passion for the optimum customer experience its driving force.

It’s an approach neatly encapsulated by the Franke S700. Blending intelligent technology and creative capacity, the semi-automatic Franke S700 coffee machine has been designed to serve a high volume of customers or simply allow baristas extra time to be creative. The steam spout was crafted with meticulous latte art enthusiasts in mind, and a three boiler system allows users to create endless foam for high quality coffee specialties with an individual touch.

But it isn’t all about the fancy motifs: the S700 has proven itself to be a valuable asset even when there’s no time for latte art. Its queueing feature aims to increase efficiency during peak hours and its best-in-class performance means that it is capable of producing up to 160 espressos per hour, without compromising on the quality of the coffee itself. Whether catering for on-the-go commuters or leisurely latte lovers, this is a machine that covers all bases.