Hooghoudt Raw Genever / Holland Gin

Spotlight: Hooghoudt Raw Genever / Holland Gin

Founded in 1888 in Groningen, a city in the northern Netherlands, Hooghoudt is a quintessential family distillery that is currently five generations strong. A family business with a penchant for cutting-edge experimentation, the brand is known for its audacious approach to exploring flavour, aroma and natural colors.

The brand’s signature Raw Genever / Holland Gin pre-dates the current fixation with gin styles: distilled by master craftsmen and exported by early Dutch explorers, it was at the forefront of the popular pre-Prohibition spirits. “The brave precursor to all others, this Gin basically laid the foundation for today’s vibrant global cocktail scene,” is the playful Hooghoudt claim. “To you, dear drinker, we say: forget the pretty little English botanicals and embrace our rich grain.”

More robust than botanical English gins, the Hooghoudt Raw Genever / Holland Gin is a 100% malt spirit genever with a distinctive herbal character. Sturdy and grainy, its flavours centre on juniper berry and invigorating herbs and spices. Whereas gin flavours are concentrated on the herbs, the Raw Genever taste profile is a complex combination of the grainy essence of malt spirit alongside herbs and spices.

The gin is made using recipes passed down through the generations, but the brand continues to experiment with unorthodox new blends, ensuring that each of its spirits has an original story.