AJWA Cappadocia, set to open later this year, has unveiled Zeferan Restaurant.

With its exceptional location and direct access to the Beydere Valley, AJWA Cappadocia seeks to celebrate the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

The resort has been designed to recreate the historical Keravansaray experience, with luxurious, handcrafted mother of pearl furniture, and striking décor including traditional Turkish rugs.

The hotel’s authentic feel is further experienced in its F&B.

Designed to offer an authentic, fine-dining experience, the restaurant will theatrically serve a fusion of authentic Azerbaijan, Turkish and Sinasos Village cuisine with international influences.

Amongst its varied cooking equipment, Zeferan Restaurant will feature a traditional quarry and tandoor oven, allowing for a range of diverse dishes.

The extensive menu will include uniquely served homemade soups, Trout and Carp served in salt, Azerbaijan shah pilaf presentations, Azerbaijan kebab presentation shows and more.