Amarla Casco Viejo introduces new dining concept Kaandela

Amarla Hotels has launched Kaandela, a new dining concept at Amarla Casco Viejo in Panama.

Created by the Amarla founders and chef Edy Acedo, Kaandela marks Amarla’s commitment to place Panama’s rich culinary heritage at the centre of the gastronomic map by presenting dishes inspired by the local fiery flavours to a wider global audience.

Since the beginning of time humans have come together around fire to share stories, music, laughter and food – this is the essence of Kaandela.

Located on the ground floor, the restaurant is relaxed and the design is both bold and unique, seamlessly integrated within the centuries-old walls of this historic casona yet contemporary and relevant.

Chef Acedo’s dishes have been developed after working closely with independent local producers and fiery local flavours await.

The bar has a spirited South American selection of mezcals and coffee, best sipped on the rooftop, overlooking Casco. Crafted cocktails and spirited tunes accompany the dining experience, while the restaurant team leads guests on a sensorial journey of explosive flavours.