Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni – one of the oldest luxury hotels on Lake Como – has announced a one-of-a-kind lunch presented by a group of illustrious chefs with a combined 14 Michelin Stars between them on 6 April.

The event marks the start of a new chapter for the hotel, collaborating with the island of Ischia, renowned for its historic Ischia Safari event which annually sees the participation of over 300 chefs. For the first time, this prestigious gathering is expanding beyond the island, arriving on the shores of Lake Como with a curated team of culinary talent.

This team brings together 14 chefs, six pastry chefs, two pizza makers and two artisans of taste, with the shared goal of raising funds to support training projects for young talents. Proceeds will go towards a hospitality institute on Lake Como, emphasising the region’s commitment to hospitality and tourism.

Participating chefs include Andrea Antonini, Ettore Bocchia, Fabio Pisani, Felix Lo Basso, Pasquale Palmaro, Salvatore Elefante, Riccardo Valore, Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini, Nino di Costanzo, Gianfranco Pascucci, Peppe Guida, Roberto di Pinto, Savio Perna and Bobo Cerea. These and others will collaborate to create an exclusive menu, transforming the event into a true “Taste Safari”. Alongside them, pizza masters such as Ivano Veccia and pastry chefs Antonino Maresca, Manuel Ferrari, and Ettore Benigni, will offer participants a culinary journey through innovative flavours and creative reinterpretations of tradition.