Huvafen Fushi Maldives has launched Immerse…Latitude 4°, an underwater dining experience.

The new ‘pop-down’ restaurant will transform the resort’s underwater spa into a private gastronomical experience, in which guests are transported to a dining space surrounded by tropical water just 4° from the equator.

As part of the experience, guests descend a few steps below the boardwalk to discover the private dining room below. Here, positioned beside a panoramic window, an elegantly dressed dining table provides uninterrupted views of the reef nightlife, while subtle mood lighting accentuates the illuminated seascape beyond.

Complemented by a customisable menu, the immersive submarine private dining venue will bring added luxury to the Maldives plethora of elite underwater restaurants.

Huvafen’s executive chef will consult with guests in advance to design a tailored gastronomic journey, while the resort’s resident sommelier will present wine pairing recommendations to accompany each chosen dish.

The Immerse… Latitude 4° experience also provides a unique perspective on Huvafen Fushi’s coral propagation programme – the spa reef is home to several coral frames that have ‘graduated’ from the resort’s coral nurseries – presenting another opportunity to discover the world beneath the waves.

Opened in July 2004, Huvafen Fushi is situated in the Malé Atoll and features the world’s first underwater spa rooms.

A variety of unique culinary experiences are available, from subterranean gastronomic adventures curated by consultant sommelier Guillem Kerambrun at Vinum, the resort’s underground wine cellar; to laid-back Izakaya-style dining at Huvafen’s premium overwater restaurant, Salt.