The Rome Edition Christmas Food

The Rome Edition unveils Christmas food and beverage offerings

The Rome Edition has unveiled the food and beverage on the menu at signature restaurant Anima this Christmas. 

On the evening of 24 December, Anima will offer a fish-based menu consisting of four courses. Dishes will include wild smoked salmon enriched with caviar, crème fraiche and pomegranate; amberjack sashimi accompanied by Russian salad and glazed radish; pasta with seafood bisque, lemon and smoked buffalo mozzarella; and roasted sea bass with flaked potatoes, sage, lemon thyme, Bernese sauce and wild herbs. 

Paying homage to Italian culinary traditions, the Christmas lunch will begin with a first course of poached egg served with smoked potatoes, cream, aromatic herbs, king trumpet mushrooms and salted cured tuna roe pouch. This will be followed by a roast tortello with its stock, 36-month Parmesan fondant and savoury wild flowers, as well as Guineafowl with chestnuts, pomegranate and brandy sauce with balsamic and cane sugar. A welcome aperitif and a selection of mini pastries will also be available.

The Rome Edition will also be offering a Christmas punch tasting experience at its Punch Room, every Tuesday throughout the month of December.

Photography: © Matteo Lippera