The Vineyard launches new winter menu at The Tasting Room

The Vineyard has introduced a new winter menu at The Tasting Room, focusing on combining seasonal highlights with nature’s elements within its traditional and plant-based menus.

The five-course seasonal experience will commence with seasonal Jerusalem artichokes, accompanied by complementing flavours of brown butter, truffle and coffee. Next, guests can delve into the ocean’s treasures with succulent Cornish monkfish with grapes, Tokyo turnips and mustard. For the main course, wild mallard duck is served on a bed of swede, orange and chestnut. Moving into sweeter territory, guests can try tempting Sicilian pomegranate with mango and coconut, finished with ‘Dulcey’ blonde chocolate, laced with apple, almond and pistachio. The winter menu also includes optional additions such as Kings Oscietra or Tunworth and black fig, as well as wine pairing, which features must-try wines including Jean-louis Trapet 1996 Pinot Noir and Tahbilk 2015 from the Nagambie Lakes in Australia.

Alternatively, diners can opt for a plant-based menu, each dish of which has been carefully curated by Chef Tom Scade to be of a similar ilk to the original. The plant-based menu also commences with seasonal Jerusalem artichokes, followed by Konro roasted cauliflower, complemented by grapes, Tokyo turnips and mustard. Next, guests can enjoy salt-baked sand carrot, paired with swede, orange and chestnut. Final sweet treats include Sicilian pomegranate with mango and coconut, and passion fruit, served with almond and bitter-sweet 68% chocolate.

The Tasting Room at The Vineyard offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in the ever-changing seasons, navigating through dishes devised to take diners on a journey from the Californian winery to the home of The Vineyard in Berkshire. Far from static, The Tasting Room evolves with the seasons and is a canvas for Tom Scade’s culinary artistry. At the heart of each dish will be Tom’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, as he strives to integrate homegrown produce into the menus by working with local food suppliers to minimise carbon emissions.

The Vineyard’s wine collection, from both the New and Old World, as well as award-winning wines from Sir Peter Michael’s Winery in California, are instrumental in elevating The Tasting Room experience, regardless of the season.