Modbar – the original undercounter brewing system – remains committed to offering a stylish alternative to countertop coffee equipment, allowing for a different kind of coffee brewing experience.

First created in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the company set about making something that had not been done before within the hospitality space. Pushing their drive for creativity and innovation, and going past the traditional boundaries of what a café can be, their innovation has significantly evolved the experience of drinking freshly brewed coffee.

Made up of an international team committed to creating an open space at the bar, the business is driven by a desire to remove barriers, with its Espresso AV coffee machine and Modbar Steam station at the forefront of this approach.

Short for modular brewing system, Modbar neatly places the inner workings of espresso machines beneath the counter, allowing the taps to be neatly displayed on the countertop thus eliminating the barrier between barista and customers that traditional coffee machines often present.

The equipment range comprises two espresso machines, a steam station and a pour-over station. As Modbar is a modular system, each piece of equipment can stand alone or work alongside each other.

The Espresso AV is based on research and development from La Marzocco’s Linea PB and comes with the same level of reliability, performance and temperature stability. It features PID temperature control, volumetrics, and optional scales. The machine is available in a variety of chrome and matte colour finishes and has an add a tap system, giving the option of two taps per module.

An art piece for the café countertop, the espresso system is complemented by the Modbar Steam. The steam station offers a modern aesthetic, giving customers a full view of drink preparation, from start to finish. Featuring double wall pro touch stainless steel wands, ergonomic handles to match Espresso AV and a solenoid-based design, which removes the necessity of having to purge before steaming, it can be set up next to the Modbar Espresso AV coffee machine to create a memorable and sensory drinking occasion.

Meanwhile, the Pour-over station enables businesses to expand both their drink menu and margins with automated by-the-cup offerings. Baristas can either brew by hand using one of the two included spray tips or programme the machine with up to 25 different recipes with a simple touch of a button.

This functionality allows operators to create an ideal workflow based on the creativity of the designer. This opens up a number of efficient and engaging presentations with the option to create distinct stations either as standalone units or as a streamlined series of coffee preparation equipment.

Since its inception, Modbar has continued to attract both designers and operators with its seamless and minimalist centrepiece for a multitude of settings, going far beyond the traditional café environment.

Offering a premium coffee experience without compromising on design and operation, Modbar’s forward-thinking design concept allows for a clean and modern look in any restaurant, cafe or bar setting, transforming the process and experience of drinking premium coffee.