Internationally acclaimed coffee roasters Julius Meinl has been at the forefront of Viennese café culture for almost 160 years. Built upon five generations of traditional values guided by a vision to make the world a more poetic place, the company is dedicated to innovation, sustainability and quality products.

Established in 1862, it was the first retailer to offer freshly roasted coffee, amongst other gourmet foods and grocery goods, something that has inspired its eponymous Premium concept – a unique blend created with UTZ sustainability certification, consisting of 100% Highland Arabica beans from the very best coffee growing areas of Brazil and East Africa.

To create, the beans are gently roasted to a medium-dark level to allow the aromas and rich taste to stay preserved for a unique flavour profile. The sweetness of this luxury coffee blend results in a delicate and chocolaty taste.

Designed for hotels, restaurants and cafés, the concept also includes a contemporary 1862 espresso cup created in collaboration with renowned Italian designer Matteo Thun. An elegant matte black cup with unfinished golden brushstrokes adorned with the brand’s famous logo, it is inspired by Viennese café culture and Julius Meinl’s 1862 recipe.

Combining traditional and modern design, the 1862 experience is completed by innovative Aroma Fez packaging, which boasts three individual chambers that can be opened individually to ensure the same exquisite taste with every serving.

Working together with the Aroma Fez, the Cimbali machine features state-of-the-art Radio Frequency Identification (RIFD) microchip functionality and an automatic tamper, which evenly applies pressure, while the Mahlkönig grinder elevates the offering with its ‘grind on demand’ technology. All three elements work in synergy to guarantee a fresh cup of coffee that keeps its full-bodied flavour every single time.