Bishop Design has teamed up with Flip International for Boho Social, a new F&B venue on Doha’s Katara Beach.

In contrast to existing offerings in Qatar, the brief was to be eclectic yet modern, echoing hues of the Bohemian era. Colour was key as it encapsulated bohemian sentiments whilst providing character, depth and soul, as was fluid-poured terrazzo underfoot, patterned accessories, traditional ottomans and fabric colour waves.

Elsewhere, sculptural oryx heads in the VIP rooms nod to the iconic symbol of Qatar, remaining quirky while respectful of the narrative and surrounding culture. Hand painted tiles curated by a Middle Eastern artisans also adorn surfaces within, contributing to the overall aesthetic – each bespoke tile was hand-painted on site.

Bishop Design faced architectural challenges when inheriting the space, specifically in the double-height area, where a mezzanine level had to be created to fulfil aspirations of a flowing F&B environment. Internally speaking, the venue was uninspiring and as such needed intelligent design solutions to bring it to life.