Carpenter Hotel food and beverage

Chef Thomas Malz introduces Texan-inspired dining at Bunkhouse’s Carpenter Hotel

Executive Chef Thomas Malz has debuted a new menu at Carpenters Hall, a destination restaurant at Bunkhouse’s Carpenter Hotel in Austin. A dining experience inspired by the chef’s rural upbringing in northern New England and his Franco-American background, the menu aims to serve as a bridge between regional producers and visitors to the city. 

The new menu at the Carpenter Hotel restaurant combines old and new aspects of Texas, from its wild and refined elements to its abundant local ingredients, paying homage to the agricultural richness of the region and, most importantly, its people. Invoking the original spirit of the building – which was previously a union for carpenters – the venue takes cues from a working-class bistro, offering a convivial way to savour dishes that showcase the seasonality and multicultural nature of central Texas. 

Carpenter Hotel food and beverage

To bring his new menu to life, Chef Malz is working closely with farms in the greater Texas area to offer culinary highlights including Goodnight Loving rib roast, made up of legacy beef with a coffee crust, horseradish cream, fondant potato and charro verde; roasted gulf oysters with cholula butter, schmalz, league city dill and charred lemon; and charro verde with edamame, green tomato and chorizo. 

The beverage programme highlights curated wines, with a focus on natural and biodynamic producers, alongside a cocktail menu with new and playful creations like Italian Wedding and Nine To Five.

Photography: © Jessica Attie