Hilton Fort Worth, Texas, has unveiled its newly renovated bar and restaurant areas.

The project was overseen by Dallas-based Premier Project Management who spearheaded the interior design, food service design, coordination, purchasing and project management.

The new transitional day-to-night F&B space has transformed the entire first floor of the hotel, which holds historical significance as the property in which President John F. Kennedy stayed the night before his assassination in 1963.

With 36 taps serving a unique assortment of beers and wines, Hilton Fort Worth has the only on-tap beer and wine bar in the immediate downtown area.

The bar’s custom hand-painted, cast-resin, steer-horn bar taps are reminiscent of a cow horn – a nod to the locale.

A juxtaposition of materials, such as natural wood and contemporary white resin, is indicative of the cultural transition between old and new that the Dallas Fort Worth area has experienced over the past decade.

The faux fireplace, which utilises water vapour to mimic the aesthetic of a real fire, creates a sense of movement, reiterating the warmth of the tan and amber-coloured seating.