A new recipe book about the dishes served at the award-winning eco-resort Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia has been published and celebrates the country’s rich and diverse food heritage.

Written by author Kathleen Beringer and supported with imagery by Joerg Lehmann, the book, which is inspired by the luxury resort, includes 50 classic Khmer recipes.

Mixing the flavours of Cambodia with the freshest ingredients, dishes include Watermelon Salad, Fish Amok, Sea Bass with Green Curry and Sweet Potato Pudding.

Responsible for the taste of the dishes at Song Saa is chef Khan Makara, who has created a combination of the traditional Khmer cuisine with an international touch. His appreciation for local produce is embodied in every single dish included in the book.

“In these pages I want to share Khmer’s beautiful, unknown cuisine and its ancient and complex heritage,” says Kathleen Beringer. “I hope that you, and as many people as possible, will find as much pleasure in these dishes as I have  a taste of the enchantment I discovered at Song Saa and have never lost.”

Song Saa is located next to the Cambodian island Koh Rong, just a 40 minute boat ride from Sihanoukville. The resort offers global cuisine with a local touch. Fresh, organic produce is sourced from on-site gardens, while seafood comes from local fishing villages.


Feature image: © Song Saa Private Island. All rights reserved.