Michelin Guide and Rémy Martin join forces to celebrate sustainable excellence

The Michelin Guide and Rémy Martin have announced a two-year international partnership to promote the taste of sustainable excellence across the globe.

The partnership will focus on the Guide’s international events in 17 destinations, as well as the promotion of the Michelin Green Star – an award launched by the Guide in 2020 to highlight the restaurants in its selection that stand at the forefront of a more sustainable gastronomy.

The two companies will also be developing a special immersive programme to explore and promote exceptional know-how and terroirs of the world.

The partnership will come into play for the first time at the Michelin Star Ceremony in Kyoto/Osaka on 19 October this year.

An international event partner for the Michelin Guide

Rémy Martin and the Michelin Guide both have a vision of excellence that’s been handed down by the masters at Rémy Martin and the inspectors at the Michelin Guide for generations. To illustrate this alliance, Rémy Martin will participate in Michelin’s Star Ceremonies in 17 destinations across Europe, Asia and America.

As the international partner for these high-profile events where new restaurants will be presented with Michelin Stars, Rémy Martin will contribute to the support of the award winners and help them shine even brighter. Co-branded content will be produced, including interviews with the chefs to showcase these restaurants and the talent on an international scale.

Rémy Martin becomes Michelin Green Star Supporter

Since the launch of the Green Star in 2020, the Michelin Guide has been highlighting restaurants in its international selections that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to more sustainable gastronomy.

A source of inspiration for the general public and the industry as a whole, these Green-Starred restaurants deploy exceptional initiatives and show how gastronomy and fine dining can be game changers in the race to become a more responsible, environmentally friendly society.

In the same vein, Rémy Martin has been cultivating Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne to create cognacs since 1724. The House has been implementing a Sustainable Exception strategy for very long time to protect precious soils, promote biodiversity, minimise its impact on the environment and encourage its partner-growers to commit to sustainable agriculture.

Rémy Martin and the Michelin Guide will be working together to make the commitments of these restaurants more widely known. From supporting speeches delivered during the events to sustainable recipes shared every month on social media, the joint ambition is to raise awareness about the challenges of tomorrow’s cuisine, encourage positive change in the industry and among gourmets and work towards a more sustainable, responsible future for all.

From the terroir of cognac to the terroirs of the world: an exploration of exceptional international know-how

Driven by a mutual desire to discover, encourage and celebrate the best culinary talent across the globe, Michelin and Rémy Martin will be organising immersive journeys to explore exceptional know-how in the terroirs of the world.

Inspired by a shared passion for excellence, this programme will shed light on outstanding Masters and creations related to fine dining and spirits.

“Rémy Martin becoming a Global Partner of the Michelin Guide will help promote the Michelin Green Starred restaurants,” comments Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guides.  “Our two brands share strong values including the celebration of local know-how and terroirs.  I am particularly pleased to collaborate to echo and further promote the inspiring initiatives taken by chefs for a more sustainable gastronomy.”

“The links between Rémy Martin and the Michelin Guide are evident: two iconic French brands with a taste for excellence that are celebrated all over the world,” adds Baptiste Loiseau, Rémy Martin Cellar Master. “Two emblems of a gastronomic voyage with a shared responsibility to protect the gifts of the land. This partnership demonstrates our passion and commitment. By working together as a team, we can achieve more.”