Rosewood Hong Kong Crab Dish

Rosewood Hong Kong launching seasonal crab menu

Signature Cantonese restaurant at Rosewood Hong Kong, The Legacy House, is celebrating the turn of the season with the return of its annual Hairy Crab menu by Chinese Executive Chef Li Chi-Wai. Drawing on age-old Cantonese cooking techniques, Chef Li promises to breathe new life into traditional recipes with a menu available from mid-October 2023.

The seasonal offering presents a menu of hairy crabs – dubbed the ‘King of Crabs’ and renowned for their mild, sweet taste – sourced from Lake Tai in Mainland China.

The crab is set to feature in a range of Cantonese dishes, including the steamed hairy crab – steamed in a ginger and herb broth – and the steamed Shanghainese pork dumplings, served with hairy crab cream. Other dishes which will see the crustacean incorporated in unique ways include the wok-fried lobster, served with crispy rice cracker and hairy crab cream, as well as the braised green bean noodles with hairy crab paste.