The Zetter Townhouse, Marylebone is partnering with Boatyard Distillery to celebrate Earth Day 2023. Launching a limited edition cocktail menu with four unique cocktails inspired by the elements, the venue will encourage diners to celebrate the natural world without compromising taste.

The new cocktails have been crafted by the hotel’s team of mixologists, using waste products generated by the distillation process of alcohol at Boatyard Distillery. The cocktails, appropriately named Water, Fire, Earth and Air, offer a balance of ingredients like crystalized honey, egg yolk and recovered shiso leaf cordial, as well as Boatyard Distillery’s signature spirits, including Boatyard Double Gin and Boatyard Sloe Boat.

The Earth Day cocktails will be served up in the hotel’s cosy cocktail lounge, Seymour’s Parlour, from 22 to 29 April 2023.

Photography: Courtesy of Darren Chung