Franke Coffee System

From bean to cup: Franke’s A600 coffee machine is an intuitive solution for hotels

Be it a busy café or a hotel where guests can make their own coffee, the Franke A600 can handle large groups while producing a wide variety of premium drinks. A touch screen with three user interfaces to choose from makes the coffee machine an intuitive solution for service or self-service operation. Users can also configure the display to show tempting coffee creations, offer an overview for self-service or guide them through efficient service support solutions.

The fully automatic system knows how to get the most out of the coffee beans too. Combining features like iQFlow and FoamMaster for in-cup quality and perfect foam, baristas and customers alike can prepare any drink they desire.

Customer can also opt to include the CleanMaster cleaning system, which ensures that the A600 always meets the strictest hygiene standards – giving hotels more time to focus on providing quality coffee.

Franke Coffee Systems, a division of the Franke Group, is a provider of fully automatic coffee machines for professional coffee making needs. Headquartered in Aarburg, Switzerland, and with five local subsidiaries, Franke Coffee Systems has 700 employees and a global service and sales network.